loves a good sunset

loves a good sunset

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Anonymous asked: where did you get your high wasted jeans from gurl?? I've been looking for a pair for weeks now with no success!!

jay jays! it was the first place I went to cos they always have cheap jeans and they had exactly what I wanted. they’re just black skinnies, but they have blue as well

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I bought a pair of high waisted jeans today for the first time ever and they look + feel soo much better than regular hipster or mid rise jeans I’m so happy. I also bought a pair of boots that were $50 marked down from $100 WOOOO SHOPPING

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Anonymous asked: Your appearance reminds me so much of Lydia from Teen Wolf. And she is gorgeous. Winning!

I’m very flattered by this even though I don’t see it haha, I guess we have similar shaped faces??? thank you a lot though haha great confidence boost

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Anonymous asked: You are super clever and really caring. Just wanted to share some anon love.

thank you!!! you’re the greatest!

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Jessica Rey presents the history of the evolution of the swimsuit including the origins of its design, how it has changed overtime and the post-feminist association of the bikini symbolizing female empowerment. She refers to neuro-scientific studies revealing how male brains react to images of scantily clad women versus images of women deemed modest and what the implications of the results are for women in society.

(Note: As the OP, I disagree with Rey’s approach to putting the onus on women to alter ourselves rather than to alter the male perception of women – brain wiring has plenty to do with socialization and if we worked against the culture that fuels men’s objectification of women, women’s clothing choices would matter far less in terms of how men perceive us and determine how to interact with us).

Jessica Rey - The Evolution of the Swim Suit

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having a boyfriend is the worst do you know how much I hate having to compromise about which tv show we’re going to watch

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Louise Bourgeois & Tracey Emin - Do Not Abandon Me, 2009-2010

Do Not Abandon Me is a collaboration between Louise Bourgeois and Tracey Emin consisting of sixteen intimate works made over the past two years. These drawings articulate physical drives and feelings, candidly confronting themes of identity, sexuality and the fear of loss and abandonment through joint expression.

This series originated with Bourgeois, who began the works by painting male and female torsos in profile on paper, mixing red, blue and black gouache pigments with water to create delicate and fluid silhouettes. Bourgeois then passed the images on to Emin, who later confessed: ‘I carried the images around the world with me from Australia to France, but I was too scared to touch them’. Emin overlaid Bourgeois’s forms with fantasy, drawing smaller figures that engaged with the torsos like Lilliputian lovers, enacting the body’s desires and anxieties. In one, a woman kisses an erect phallus; in another, a small fetus-like form protrudes from a swollen belly. In many, Emin’s handwriting inscribes the images with a narrative, putting into words the emotions expressed in Bourgeois’s vibrant gouaches.

This suite of prints was one of the last projects Louise Bourgeois completed before her death. They were then printed at Dye-namix studio in New York with archival dyes on cloth in an edition of 18 sets with 6 artist proofs. The exhibition travels to Hauser & Wirth from Carolina Nitsch Project Room, New York, and is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue.

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knocked over a few hours at the student hub, had a $6 dinner and a cider then walked home !

knocked over a few hours at the student hub, had a $6 dinner and a cider then walked home !

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just ordered dinner and a cider and it’s very apparent that I was not charged at all for my drink. sometimes good things happen to ok people

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